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Are we really that social?

Thought 💭: 

The constant inundation of visuals and statuses from friends and followers via social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook can be deceiving. They trick us into believing we are social creatures, more so than the the previous generation. However recently, I have found this is not true.

Social media changes us *duh* stating the obvious I know.

I think it makes us lazy. We seem to think because we see a friends’ story or most recent post we know how they are. We are less inclined to give them a call, send a message and have a chat, because, why would you need to? They’re doing just fine!

Call me old-school, but I really think this a step backwards socially.

I’m not saying call your followers. Just keep in touch with people you care about, don’t just watch their stories go by.


Sign out of one of your most used social media accounts (mine’s Instagram, as you can see ⬇️), for a day maybe? 

Would you feel disconnected, out of the loop? If so, is that how it should be? 

Not proud to say I use most of my data on IG 🙈 but I’m working on it…

Conclusion 📩:

Try giving your friends/family a call that you don’t usually. Or if that’s too much, just a text. Let’s go back to being human- talk.