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Being comfortable is boring

Thought: 💭

When we stay nice and cozy in our comfort zone, we aren’t experiencing all that life has to offer and can miss out on opportunities- ones that you’ll never know exist until you find them.

The most rewarding moments I’ve experienced have been the moments where I asked that question I was nervous to ask, when I forced myself to do something I’m not totally sure of or even got up that bit earlier to squeeze in a morning gym session.

Or that time I jumped out a plane (despite saying I’d never do it).

Action: 🗣

Want to do something? Can you do it?

So…do it.

Conclusion: ✍

That uncomfortable feeling is good.

If you want growth, you must push yourself out of the comfort zone. Just like training, if you want to build muscle, you must increase resistance. 💪🏼