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Meeting Mahalia

One of my favourite artists is Mahalia.  She’s a neo-soul singer based in London, originally from Leicester.

She released her latest EP Seasons in September, following her hit debut ‘Sober‘ and recently dropped the video for ‘Surprise Me’ a few days before I interviewed her.

She’s surprisingly young, considering how far she’s come in her career. Mahalia’s worked with the likes of Kojey Radical, Ed Sheeran and even starred in Adulthood! So for a 21 year old she’s done pretty well for herself by anyones standards I’d say.

I stumbled across a poster for her tour after work one day, outside the Wardrobe in Leeds. I was so surprised that an artist of her calibre would be performing at such a small venue to be totally honest (not knocking the Wardrobe). So I quickly went to book a ticket for me and my friend but to my disappointment her gig had sold out.  🎫

I mentioned to a friend that I was interested in interviewing her, who suggested I speak to her manager. Low and behold thanks the the power of the gram, her tour manager, Carl, agreed for me to interview her when she came to Leeds on her Seasons tour.

I patiently waited for her manager to call me to come over for an interview. Carl brought her out to me, to which she greeted with me with “hey babe”. I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears lol. My favourite singer was actually stood in font of me and called me babe. But obvs I was professional and played it cool…🤣

After inviting me to join her for a fag outside, to which I sadly declined (as I smoke), I waited for her downstairs.
We then went into her dressing room for a chat. Which you can hear the edited version of here. 🎤

She was honestly an absolute pleasure to speak to, on and off the mic.
If there’s one thing I admire in anyone, especially artists, it’s being humble- and she certainly was.

I could go on fan-girling her but I think you get the message, she’s bloody fantastic and I can’t actually describe how much her music relates to me at the moment. ✨