“Nothing new grows in the comfort zone”

Before I went to university, I felt like I wasn’t cut out to be a student, I wasn’t confident enough, and I wasn’t smart enough. But I decided I was going to break out of my comfort zone and go to uni- and I’m so glad I did!

The same thoughts echoed in my head when I was planning on studying abroad. This made me think, if I did it once, I can do it again!

So when it came to studying abroad, I was back and forth with the idea for months, almost a year actually. One part of me was craving adventure and change, and the other clinging on to the comfort of home and my family.

However, my excitement and curiosity for something new outweighed my fear of missing home. After all, home will still be there when I get back. However, the opportunity of being in another country for a few months, as a student, was a once in a life-time experience.

I have been here in Australia for 11 weeks exactly today and I go home in 9 weeks tomorrow.

Time really does fly. I am excited to go home, but at the same time I don’t want to ever leave.

Being here has taught me SO much. I’ve learnt to be myself more. Being in a totally different environment like this has made me realise things I never could before. I feel more independent and I genuinely see the world differently (I know this must sound cheesy, but it’s honest). 

I’ve seen and done some unforgettable things so far, that I never thought I would.

So, if you’re thinking of studying abroad, I say do it.

If you want to do it, and it works for you financially and educationally, why not?

Life is short- make the most of it.






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