A month being back home

It’s been four weeks and four days since I arrived back from my travels down-under and can honestly say like the duration of the trip did, it’s FLOWN by. 

It’s been non-stop since I got back home. Within a few short days of being home I was back to work flogging shoes I couldn’t afford- as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Australia kinda broke the bank. 

I was honestly so excited be home, to see my family and get back to my normal life, (what’s normal?) that it was almost like my time in Australia ceased to exist. It was like all the adventures and travels were just dreams, and the friends I made were just characters of my imagination. It was like I never left. 

This is not the emotional response I was expecting- no ‘reverse culture shock’ and no miserable days wishing I was back in Brissy on a beach somewhere. 

Instead, I’m full of energy and more motivated than ever. I‘ve come to appreciate my hometown I so frequently whined about (apart from the weather of course) and of course my friends and family. 

Despite this overwhelming exitement for life I have at the moment, Australia will always have a peice of my heart. I feel so grateful and humbled to have experienced what I have, seen the breathtaking things I’ve seen and made the fantastic friends I have. Being away from everything I knew in what felt like another world, has tought me the world is much bigger than the bubble I previously inhabited.

And obviously, like all students who travel do, I’ve ‘found myself’. Not really…but I feel a little closer to doing so. 

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