10 Signs you know Australia too well

So I’ve been here for over two months now, and I’m starting to feel like a proper local Queenslander! It’s amazing how different Oz is to the UK, even though England is it’s ‘motherland’, if you like. From its exotic wildlife, to its stunning sites and beaches, Australia really has taken my heart.

Here are my top 10 signs I’ve been here too long…

  1. I’m used to hearing ‘bloody’ this and ‘bloody’ that- I’m from Yorkshire, so the hearing the term ‘bloodyhell’ doesn’t come as a surprise to me, but the Aussies use it an awful lot!
  2. I HATE Translink- it’s the most irritating form of public transport I’ve ever had to use.
  3. Instead of ‘thanks’, I’m pretty much always saying ‘cheers’, adding in ‘mate’ every now and then.
  4. I have learnt to love a good old ‘goon bag’.
    My lovely friend Jenna with a goon bag (a bag of cheap wine in a box)
  5. I’m used to nowhere having bloody WIFI.
    A rather true but irritating sign my friend Allie snapped while we were in Alice Springs
  6. A koala is not a bear.
    A cute little fella I saw at the Koala Bear Sanctuary in Brisbane
  7. ‘Just down the road’ isn’t actually just down the road- it’s miles away.
    A nice pic I took whilst we were driving on the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne
  8. I’ve eaten so many TimTams I can’t bear the sight of them anymore.
    My once fave flavour of TimTams until I got sick of them!
  9. I’ve accepted the fact Australia is so much more expensive than home and given up complaining about it.
  10. I know I’m being annoying when me and my friends want to pay separately when we eat out- it’s such a big deal for most places here.

I hope these signs made you laugh! If you ever come to Australia or already have been, you will know EXACTLY what I mean!

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