A month in Australia

So today is officially my month ‘anniversary’ being down under.

Travelling from the UK to Oz was quite a painless experience to my surprise, despite it taking twenty four hours to get here.

I think the flow of free drinks, having my own screen in front of me with so many films and programmes to pick from and the NICE plane food, made the journey pretty good.

Needless to say I would 100% recommend flying with Emirates, their economy feels like business class compared to other airlines!

I landed in Brisbane, Australia at around 7.30 AM on the February 9 where I was picked up at the airport by a ‘Royale’ limousine as they call them here (not a limo, a fancy taxi)- paid for by my Australian university.

When I first arrived, every hour felt like it was dragging and the thought of being here for twenty one weeks was quite overwhelming.

The first few days I found myself sat on my bed feeling confused as to what to do with myself, and had very little appetite.

But, I would say within a matter of a week, or maybe less, I was settled in pretty well.

Before I knew it I was out with my new friends in search of Australian cuisine and adventure- and I haven’t really looked back.

I made some awesome new friends from my accommodation, who so far I have shared some amazing moments with, which I won’t forget and am so grateful for.

I feel like I’ve packed a life-time of experience into the space of a few weeks!

It’s like I’ve been on holiday since I arrived- definitely  not a bad thing!

Here’s some of the things I have done so far I can now confidently tick off my mental bucket list that I never thought I would be able to:

  • I held a koala, called Cinnamon (and I love cinnamon)
  • I stoked a kangaroo
  • I skydived (still can’t believe I did it)
  • I went kayaking
  • I tried, to surf
  • I went to the Sydney Opera house (sad I didn’t see 42 Wallaby Way though)
  • I have stayed in two hostels (this was a big deal for me)
  • I went to the famous Australia Zoo

I’ve done loads of other cool stuff too, but these were the main ones.

As much as I love being here and doing all the amazing things I’m doing, I do miss home, my family, my boyfriend and my dog- a lot.

But hey, life’s short, before I know it I’ll be back in my hometown complaining about the weather etc- so I intend to make the most of this time.