Moving away from home for a few months sounds terrifying, yet exciting. Many peoples’ fear of studying abroad is leaving their loved ones, friends, and mostly- their pets. And I’ll be honest, I felt the same. Before leaving rainy England, as much as I was thrilled to go and live the dream down-under, I was dreading... Continue Reading →

Public Transport in Queensland Explained

Getting to grips with public transport can be confusing at the best of times, even more so when you’re in an unfamiliar place- Australia’s transport system is no exception. However, if you’re from London or ever travelled in London, this should make a little more sense. Like the pre-paid ‘Oyster’ card in London, Queensland has... Continue Reading →

Studying Abroad in Australia- Student Accommodation or Homestay? Take Your pick!

  There’s lots of things to plan before you study abroad. One of things you should consider plenty of time in advance is accommodation. Figuring out where you want to live for a few months in another country does sounds scary- but it’s really not that bad. I’ll break down the main options to make... Continue Reading →

A month in Australia

So today is officially my month 'anniversary' being down under. Travelling from the UK to Oz was quite a painless experience to my surprise, despite it taking twenty four hours to get here. I think the flow of free drinks, having my own screen in front of me with so many films and programmes to pick... Continue Reading →

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