Don’t tell me to smile, thanks :)

Like many women out there, I’m victim of an unfortunate and uncontrollable condition, commonly referred to as Resting Bitch Face (RBF). The most obvious symptom of this is displaying facial expressions of misery, anger or disappointment, despite the fact I might actually feel happy/content.

As a female suffering with RBF (all jokes aside now), I certainly don’t appreciate the arrogance of people who seem to be under the impression it’s there God given duty to let me know I’m not smiling, or better still, that I need to smile.

This genuinely is uncontrollable and by no means should indicate I am unhappy or need to be told to be happy…

I don’t go out to clubs and bars very often, but when I do I’m subject to petty, condescending comments, telling me to smile, or cheer up despite the fact I was actually having a good time BEFORE they had to come along and tell me that.

I know it’s not just me, I know this happens a lot and it’s not nice.

Almost every time I’ve been out, a man tells me to ‘cheer up’, ‘smile love’ or the worst, ‘smile bitch’. The latter comment has only been said once might I add.

This goes out to all the busy-bodies that think they have the right to tell me and any other woman what to do: kindly, f*** off.

*said with a smile*

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