Actions speak louder than…

…you guessed it-words.

Thought: 💭

I’m a strong believer in verbal confirmation and support. Like your friends top? Rate their workflow? Tell them.

But what people don’t like, are empty words.

And sadly, for those of us who so freely speak empty words, our true colours shine through at some point.

Action: 🗣

Let your actions speak for themselves.

Conclusion: ✍

We should talk less of what we want to be and just be, because our actions are the truth, not what we say.

Your opinion is not my business

…and my opinion is not yours.

Thought: 💭

Liberation is: freeing your mind of needless opinions-including some of your own.

Why should my opinion matter to you? It shouldn’t.

Why should your opinion matter to me? It shouldn’t.

Insecurity is probably one of the most significant factors in being concerned with others people’s views of yourself.

It’s taken me years to relieve myself of insecurities, freeing my mind of fear of judgement and judging others myself (admittedly, I’m still guilty of this at times).

But when you accept yourself wholly and f*** what anyone thinks- life’s considerably easier.

Might I add, this doesn’t mean we should have no consideration for people’s feelings etc – it just means their judgement shouldn’t restrict us.

Action: 🗣

When people needlessly share their opinion of you, to you, or more likely, to someone else, remind yourself it’s not your business to care what they think.

Or if you carelessly blurt out your views about someone, remind yourself, your opinion is not their business- so don’t try to make it.

Conclusion: ✍

We all naturally form opinions, but we don’t always need to share it or even delve too deeply into our minds to create them.